Remembering Szántó Lóránd

Special event honoring the talented young musician, our friend and colleague Szántó Lóránd.

Remembering him trough music, featuring:
16:00 Silvia Stroia
16:20 Beke Istvan Ferenc
16:40 Darabont Örs Quartet
17:00 Jazzybirds
17:20 Midnight Trio
17:40 Indie Folker
18:00 TzikaSaxOrchestra
18:20 World Music Project
19:10 Koszika & The HotShots
19:30 Straight From The Bottle
20:00 BHF trio ft.Bálint Réka
20:20 melodeus choir
21:00 Ferenc Snétberger
22:15 Bordersplit
22:50 FUNKorporation

Special guest: Ferenc Snétberger

The event is free and open for everyone, hovewer for the Snétberger concert there is a 30 lei entry fee. Also we accept donations for the creating of the Szánto Lóránd Foundation for young musicians.

Event realized with the help of: Mozaik Consulting, Mozaik Creative Facility, Big Machine (Asoc.Gitar East), Atelier Cafe, Street Music Festival Satu Mare, Daisler Printhouse, Jazz in the Park, Maputo House, Harmonia Cordis Association, Codespring, Bere a la Cluj