Get Dancey – Kizomba Festival

Get Dancey – Kizomba Festival 3 - 5 November 2017, Timisoara, Romania

NO SHOWS - This is a dance only event!

Kristofer Mencák (Sweden)
Gwany & Kizzy (France)
Wojtek & Marycia (Poland)
Mervil & Amandine (France)
Samuel FunFlow (Spain)
Jasna Jale (Serbia)
Blaise Mwami (UK)

Saï Saï (France)
Blaise (UK)
Mervil (France)
Andy Kiz (Romania)
Pepper (Serbia)
El CoMaNdAnTe (Romania)

Workshops (Sat & Sun between 12AM and 4PM, 2 rooms)
(kizomba, urban kiz, taraxa, semba)

Party (Friday, Saturday & Sunday)
- 1 kizomba room (Kizomba, Tarraxa, Semba, Afro House)
- 1 salsa & bachata room to clear your mind

Social by Day 
Saturday & Sunday between 3 and 7 PM – 100% kizomba

Dancey Pass - 85€
(includes all workshops, social by day and social by night)
Social Pass - 50€
(social by day and social by night)

One Night Stander - 25 euro/night
(social by night only)

Any day of Classes + 1 Party - 40€
(classes & party from that day)

Accommodation – Hotel Boavista
Double room for Get Dancey Festival: 45 euro/night (+5 euro if breakfast is needed)
Book on line with „Get Dancey” PromoCode:

Fly directly to Timisoara (TSR) in less than 2 hours: 
Wizz, Ryan Air, BlueAir direct from: Bucharest, Cluj, Iasi, London, Paris Beauvais, Eindhoven, Munchen, Milano, Barcelona, Madrid, Frankfurt, Brussels, Bologna, Bari

For any questions please write us or call us: / Dan: +4 0732 672 572

...just get dancey!