I Am At My Most Beautiful When I Am Alone

Mobius is delighted to present I Am At My Most Beautiful When I Am Alone, a solo exhibition of works by Lea Rasovszky, curated by Diana Marincu.

The exhibition is on display from December 7th through February 23rd. An opening reception will be held from 7 pm to 10 pm, on Thursday, December 7th.

Lea Rasovszky's art can be considered as a reflection on the seemingly endless births, metamorphoses, deaths, and ensuing resurrections of pop culture, “the sole myth system that unites us all”, as Leslie Fiedler once said.

"The beauty of loneliness is something we don't talk about enough. About the moment when someone's face blossoms in the dark like a rare plant that will never become extinct. Lea Rasovszky's portraits in ceramic do not transpose her drawings into solid matter, but continue them in a relentless effort to discover their boundaries. Where exactly is the boundary between me and you, where does the contour of the face end and a landscape begin, where is the pure air and what's the purposefully sculpted void?" (Diana Marincu, curator)