12 Years Anniversary

Gazette reached the beautiful age of 12 years. And this year, among the friendships we’ve built over these years, the dancers that we are grateful for, the great artists that we invited to experience our vibe, and the music that was played every weekend, we are celebrating teamwork.

Teamwork sits alongside trust, communication, and tolerance as a building block of a worthy relationship. It's rising to the challenge of bettering yourself for the benefit of the whole. It's providing the support and encouragement necessary to help others better themselves and succeed in their life. 
Call us crazy but we love to see people happy and succeeding. Life is a journey not a competition.

Happy anniversary to all, many more to come!


Luigi Tozzi
Over the last few years Luigi Tozzi has been calmly making a name for himself as one of Europe’s go-to DJs for his distinct brand of techno that draws both from ambient music as well as from the club.

Raised in Rome, the DJ and Producer takes influence from the timeless italian sound, which he’s further developed with an emotional, swirling, dubby atmosphere. There’s an unmistakable texture to his productions.

While prolific, Tozzi has kept his output within a close family of labels. Swedish label Hypnus are key here, having released a number of the producer’s EPs as well as his acclaimed debut album, Deep Blue: Volume 2, in 2016. Alongside Hypnus, Tozzi has worked closely with Outis Music, releasing both solo as well as collaborative work with the label’s founder, Dino Sabatini. 

Tozzi’s unswerving commitment to his sound, alongside his pensive and considered development as an artist has brought him to where he is today, with a touring schedule that’s taken him to some of the finest clubbing establishments around the world. Within this, he maintains a residency at Khidi, Tbilisi, which in recent years has emerged as one of the best clubbing destinations in europe. It’s through this platform that he brings his unique hybrid sound as both a DJ and producer, and can evolve and experiment as an artist.


RAHA, Tokyo, Japan
You won't find many people in the world who has taken the clubbing to the professional level like Raha, an artist based in Tokyo. Using the world as his stage, Raha takes a totally hands-on and floor-centric approach, and works under the belief that real dance music exists not at home or on the Internet, nor in VIP areas at clubs, but rather, exactly where it belongs... on the dance floor.

In 2008, Raha started his full-fledged DJ career within Japan. The aesthetics he developed during his long career and achievements as a street dancer in the '90s still act as a huge influence on his current activities as a DJ. His work always focuses on the groove and the dancefloor, which has earned him a huge following of both casual listeners, as well as real clubers with highly trained ears.

Focusing on the Romanian house sound presently conquering the global scene, Raha has invited such artists as Rhadoo and Petre Inspirescu to Japan for his most recent club project, "Beat In Me". This project has grown into one of Tokyo's most successful parties, one of the very few that continues to stay faithful to the underground. 

In April, 2015, he also organized world's top underground quality - RPR SOUNDSYSTEM (Rhadoo, Petre Inspirescu, Raresh) 's Open to Last Gig at LIQUIDROOM in Tokyo. It made a huge success and gave the scene of Japan a big shock.

In 2012, he began serializing his own travelogues, entitled "IBIZA through RAHA's eyes" as a regular columnist on "clubberia", Japan's most popular dance music website. He reports on imminent trends within the world scene based on his own real experiences, giving him the ability to influence party lovers all over Japan, far more than he ever expected, while solidifying his position at the forefront of the scene.
Wearing both hats of "performing artist" and "producer", Raha consistently finds himself creating parties which sit at the cross-section of the most up-to-date dance music scenes, and is already established as one of Tokyo's most important musical trendsetters.
Story has started. Raha is certainly one of the few key global artist in Japan worth keeping a sharp eye on from this point forward.



19 Aprilie, 11PM

Genmaica Soundsystem (dj set)

20 Aprilie, 11PM

Luigi Tozzi
Lucu Chen

21 Aprilie, 11PM

Danaga live
Tight Cherry 



The entrance to the event will be made within the space available in the club.

In order to keep a friendly environment we hold the rights to select our customers, only 18+ allowed!