alandala rooftop skyline v.oo1

alandala skyline is a dream came true for us, taking place on Polyvalent Hall Rooftop. It's a great place for soaking up the atmosphere and enjoying panoramic views of our beloved city. It's beautiful by day, but especially alluring at night when the city lights are dazzling. From the mid-afternoon after-work crowd to a late-night audience of partygoers, we aim to make everyone feel like we are literally on top of the world. 
Alex Glodan
Tickets info [ ]
Presale - phase 1 - 25 lei [limited number - 200 tickets] - ON SALE
Presale - phase 2 - 35 lei [limited number]
Polyvalent Hall - event night - 50 lei
Tables Reservations: ‭0740 276 525‬ [Attila] 
[minimum order - 250 lei