ODD NIGHT #23 _ White Death _ Autem

The first ODD NIGHT of the Fall brings together White Death, the austere sonic environments of Kelly Jayne Jones and Hannah Ellul, with ODD darlings Autem, the music/poetry project of Cosmina Moroșan and Anticorp Solar.

For their performance at ODD, Jones and Ellul will present new work developed from a residency earlier this year at the WORM/Klangendum sound studio and synthesiser archive in Rotterdam. In these more recent explorations the evanescent atmospherics of recent recordings are offset by more fractured and fractious (ar)rhythmic elements.

Autem’s perfomance will display an encounter between ODD time (pun intended), irrational beats & blasts laced with quirky noises and poetical scintillations. The duo comes after a period of working and jamming at a remote cabin in the woods of Bukovina.

An informal artist talk will take place at 19:30, followed by the two performances. More info HERE.