Alexandra Croitoru | Future Museum

Alexandra Croitoru. Between 100 and 30 | 30 Jan – 29 Mar 2019 | Future Museum (Ion Ghica 11, Bucharest), | Mo – Fri | 10.00am – 4.30pm

Official celebrations and festivities have recently gained a lot of momentum. If 2018 has been marked by the Centenary commemoration, 2019 will certainly be the remembrance year of the '89 Revolution. In this short respite between festivities, the exhibition explores artisanal methods of writing and recomposing history that lay outside of the main, official narratives.

How can several definitions of our past coexist? If we agree on the fact that the public space is represented by a spatial concept — the social sites or arenas where meanings are articulated, distributed, and negotiated via public institutions or via acts like history writing — then we have to acknowledge it is produced by a process of self-representation and self-authorization. In a problematic context like the one that we are currently experiencing, our lives and sense of publicness, individuality and community is heavily compartmentalized and fragmented into multiple (public) spheres or spaces that are dependent on different experiences. The official narratives are far away from the everyday realities.