ODD NIGHT #26 _ Flame Club

ODD NIGHTS. Experimental social gatherings for your pleasure. Musical attempts at making the world a better place. No strings attached.

State of facts: How can the understanding of a very important thing produce the effect of a surprise? Like when you see someone getting closer to you and you start recognizing their features. Someone unexpected, who just couldn’t be there, at that precise moment: the gaze remains fixed. And deep down the constant feeling of something essential being forgotten.

State of affairs: Flame Club – music, dance, spontaneous readings and spoken words.

The one who nowadays learns about the troubadours of the Middle Age doesn’t know how to relate to the marble floors that welcome us in almost any staircase out there in the city. You are always told that a line is a multitude of points, a group. The night will also mark the launch of our book Dance floor/ Waiting room, a selection of observations on impossible dance floors, noted during October 2018, in Bucharest.

You are free to bring your own drinks to the party.