Jackbox Game Night

Be the best at obscure trivia, draw with your fingers or lie to your friends for points!

Jackbox is a great way to have an evening of fun playing all kinds of strange but awesome games that are easy to pick up and play for gamers and non-gamers alike.

You've never heard of Jackbox and don't know how to play?
Take a look here for a short tutorial or just come by the event and we'll help you here (no prior knowledge needed):

Because the game admits a limited number of players (we have a maximum of 8 places available each week), you have to register here to participate: http://bit.ly/jackbox-form

- Entry fee -

You will need to buy an Evening Pass or use one of the Day Passes from your Membership Card to have access to this event.

Additionally, you must have a smartphone or a tablet that can connect to the internet to be able to play the games.

We have the following games available:
- The Jackbox Party Pack
- The Jackbox Party Pack 2
- The Jackbox Party Pack 3
- The Jackbox Party Pack 4
- The Jackbox Party Pack 5
- Drawful 2
- Fibbage XL
- Quiplash

So, bring your friends or come meet new people and have a weirdly wonderful time! :)