Guesthouse presents Toi.Toi.Musik

Guesthouse presents Toi.Toi.Musik | 13 APR | 20:00

Hello my dear crowd, it has been some time since I communicated directly with you. As you all may have realised there was a break on the events front, a year on the road with my artists, a country move BUT, it is not like I can live without my dear floor for too long so here we are, back again, I miss you all.

First event I would like to announce is Toi.Toi. at my new home base Club Guesthouse.

My dear love for Romania, for having been always welcomed in this country so warmly, following spending a summer here I was invited to work at Guesthouse, a place I already had a long relationship with over years. Much gratitude to this club and its people for receiving me with open arms.

Even though I had already done Toi.Toi at Guesthouse, this time is different, this is the first one after I joined the club.

In order to make things even more challenging, I decided to premiere the experimental live performance of Ion Ludwig and Samuel Rohrer. I will do this as an evening concert and thanks to Herodot's state of the art acoustic treatment to Guesthouse's room I feel we will be able to adapt this room beautifully for such performance.

The rest of the line up entails of course, "ma boys", a dear expression I use for family, for agency base and what I stand for with them. This includes our Romanian base and GH Resident Herodot, Topperr and Alex Troubetzkoyy who just joined the agency, the legendary base and creator of microhouse Losoul and introducing dutch new talent, guest Doris Nicholas from Tribe Amsterdam.

Hoping to see you all.

Thank you

Isis Salvaterra
Toi Toi Musik's Terrorist and GH Lodger

Entry fee: 40 ron after midnight
We reserve the right to select our guests
Leaving the club before 1am is allowed only for emergency cases. For any other case you will have to pay another entrance ticket.