Becoming my extinction

Becoming my extinction @ Suprainfinit Gallery | 6 June - 3 August 2019

We are pleased to announce SUPRAINFINIT gallery’s summer exhibition "Becoming my extinction" that brings together different artistic visions in relation to ecology, forms of life, extinction, labour and materiality–also in the extended understanding of the material world. Transforming the gallery space into a ‘living body’ that can generate cross-contaminations, the group of works is intended to trigger reflection, awareness and potential action. Placed at the centre of the cityscape of Bucharest–a continuously precarious and paradoxical public space, this exhibition echoes metaphorical and biological responses to a hurt biosphere against the backdrop of aggressive capitalism and climate emergency.


Apparatus 22
Ștefan Bertalan
Vlad Brăteanu
The Bureau of Melodramatic Research
Vlad Nancă
Pandele Pandele
Larisa Sitar
Mihaela Vasiliu

OPENING 6th of June
7.00 p.m
Suprainfinit Gallery
Mântuleasa, 22