Powder (Cocktail d'Amore, Beats In Space / JP) | Platforma Wolff

Introducing one of 2019's most sought after selectors, playing Platforma Wolff as one of her hand-picked European appearances.

Powder (Cocktail d'Amore Music, Beats In Space / JP)

Moko Shibata, better known in the DJ world as Powder, has successfully taken her neon charged creations out of the Tokyo underground and into the discerning worldwide techno consuming public.

After her debut on Lovefingers’ ESP Institute, Moko’s cosmic rhythms found a home on Samo DJ’s Born Free, Discodromo’s Cocktail d’Amore Music and Tim Sweeney's already legendary Beats In Space, pushing her tribal-inspired, hypnotic sound further into surreal house, techno and psychedelic disco territory. Beyond her work as a music creator, Powder’s DJing backs up her production style with many influences.

As a selector, she has notably eclectic tastes, which run the gamut from house to new wave to Japanese synthpop, utilizing extended loops and subtle blends to create a genre defying, transcendent experience.


Platforma Wolff is a Summer pop-up venue championing well-curated sounds within the Halele Carol industrial complex. A place for all nighters and late mornings out in the open air. Acces through the Expirat terrace.

22:00 hours.
Martin Audio sound. Downstairs bar serving a wide selection of drinks.

There is no entrance fee. Please register in advance on the Facebook event through the Going/Reserve button in order to secure a spot on the guestlist. Capacity is limited to 75 people at a time. Guestlist has priority over unregistered guests.