Berliner Philharmoniker (Digital Concert Hall online)

The Philharmonie Berlin is closed to help contain the coronavirus. But the orchestra will continue to play for you – in the Digital Concert Hall. The Berliner Philharmoniker invite you to visit their virtual concert hall free of charge.

How do I do this?

Log on to the Digital Concert Hall ticket page with the code BERLINPHIL and use the Digital Concert Hall free of charge for 30 days. Cancellation is not required. If you are not yet a user of the Digital Concert Hall, registration – without obligation – is required (HERE). If you already have a ticket or subscription to the Digital Concert Hall, the duration will be extended accordingly.

What is on offer?

There are over 600 orchestral concerts from the Berliner Philharmoniker in the Digital Concert Hall from more than ten years, including 15 concerts with the new chief conductor Kirill Petrenko. There are also bonus videos from behind the scenes: documentaries on the history of the orchestra, portraits of conductors and orchestra members, and projects from our education programme. A place where you can stay connected to the Berliner Philharmoniker and their music!

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