Unfinished Moment: Jurgis Did feat. Valeria Stoica

#UNFINISHED19 performer, speaker & high energy responsible - Jurgis DID - is teaming with the amazing Moldavian star – Valeria Stoica – for a late evening cross-countries LIVE gig, a musical conversation that is set to give you a moment of bliss. Just be present and let’s exchange energy for 30 minutes.

Event details HERE

The Gig will be broadcasted LIVE on the UNFINISHED Facebook page. This #UNFINISHED Moment is proudly powered by e.on.

Jurgis DID is hard to pin down with conventional labels. By seamlessly mixing his passion for music and social phenomenon, he transcends conventional formats to create exceptional participative experiences that inspire and enlighten in ways that traditional methods cannot. Listen to him - https://bit.ly/jurgis-did

Valeria Stoica finds her inspiration in nature, in the places where she grew up. She is working on her debut album which will include some of the super-successful songs she already released – “Gravity”, “Distante”, “Just a Boy” and “Get Back” – all the which speak about her life and the nature of her relationships with the people around her. She is represented by Uninvited Artists. Listen to her - https://bit.ly/valeria-stoica

#UNFINISHED Moments are a series of online live sessions, interviews, jam sessions, pillow talks, wellness workshops and so much more that is yet to be defined.