Artichoke Coffee Shop

Artichoke Coffee Shop is an independent coffee shop in central Bucharest serving all day breakfast and specialty coffee. We want people to feel inspired when meeting up their business partners or friends while enjoying our Transylvania organic teas, London specialty coffee, in-house made juices and coffee friendly cakes.

We work to create an exciting environment for visual arts enthusiasts by hosting regular photography exhibitions and building bridges between art makers and customers. At Artichoke we strongly believe everyone's creativity is fuelled by social interactions, so our aim is to create a place that inspires people to take small, everyday actions that can add up to a big difference in the city.

Artichoke is located in central Bucharest, on 45 Calea Victoriei near Kretzulescu Church - an Eastern Orthodox Church, registered as a historical monument. Find us on the long corridor with arches, near Humanitas library. National Museum of Modern Art, Revolution Square and Athenaeum are also within walking distance.

  • Adresa: Calea Victoriei 45, București
  • Telefon: 0771707869
  • Program: Ma-D: 09:30-23:59