The Guild Hall

The Guild Hall is the place.

  • The place where we celebrate friendship, geekdom and the tabletop hobby.

  • The place for effortless and fun-filled social interaction between friends and friends to be.

  • The place where we all sit around the table on equal footing.

  • The place where we embark on countless adventures and work together to succeed.

  • The place where we can be competitive in the most positive way.

  • The place where we get to be someone different every day if we choose so.

  • The place for interaction, relaxation, socialization, control, play, and fun.

  • The place where we can participate in events, tournaments, and competitions.

  • The place where board gamers will find all the latest games and updates from this world.

  • The place where you can hang out, work remotely and learn to love the game in your own rhythm.

  • The place where you can meet like-minded people who share the same passion for tabletop games as you.

  • The place where you grow your hobby into whatever you want it to be.

It's a place born out of the passion of a group of friends for board gaming and their lack of options to enjoy their hobby in one single place in our hometown, Cluj-Napoca. So we decided to create the place for tabletop & board games aficionados. And it's not long left until we finally open our doors in Cluj-Napoca, sometime later this year.

We are a community. Whether you are a hardcore hobbyist gamer, a casual gamer or a gamer in the making, our doors are open to gamers of all walks of life. Passion, mutual respect, and common sense are the only things mandatory here. We dare you to step into our world. But know this: you risk coming back again, again and again.

Our mission

To make the tabletop & board gaming experience accessible and enjoyable to the entire community of board gamers in Cluj, by creating the place to meet, play, exchange information, discover new games and share the enthusiasm.

Our vision

To leave our mark in the golden age of board gaming and truly represent this culture in our country by bringing a community together around a place that is designed to meet their specific needs: access to the latest novelties, friendly environment, quality games, and belongingness to a likeminded group.

Our values

COMMUNITY - We are committed to creating the perfect environment for the board gaming community in Cluj through activities, events, competitions, high-quality facilities, a welcoming atmosphere and a wide tabletop games assortment available to learn about and try yourself.


REAL-PLAY - In an age where technology and digitalization are taking ownership of our spare time, tabletop games give us something real to play with. Although geeks ourselves, we are strong believers that by taking the screens out of the equation and replacing them with games, we can truly experience the pleasure of each other’s company through real play.


EQUALITY - There is nothing like a tabletop or board game to even out the scales around a table. We embrace this culture of fairness, acceptance, equal value, equal chances and equal power. We also strongly believe that we can contribute to the expansion of these values further than the game table into society.


GEEK CHIC FUN - Whether it is the desire to disconnect from reality, to discover a new world, to embrace a totally different personality, to play-deceive your opponents or to achieve success alongside them, we advocate for FUN, in our own particular geek chic way.


FRIENDSHIP - The Guild Hall is a temple of friendship. Both existing friendships and friendships that are about to be forged now have the perfect setting and “instruments” to express and build themselves up. We welcome both groups of friends in search of a good time around a game table, as well as individuals in search of new like-minded friends from the board gaming community.

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