/SAC is a private non-profit initiative positioned as an alternative organism to the organisational trade system and to the public institutional system, with the aim of participating in the (re)contextualisation and the historical update of contemporary independent productions through a set of resources and effective strategies for establishing an unaltered dialogue between the producer and the audience.

/SAC operates as a frame for organisation, production and dissemination at the producer’s hand to establish an authentic relationship with an engaged and informed audience. On the local map of organisations, /SAC intends to activate as a cooperative link with the respect of configuring unconventional contexts and formulas of placement and communication for the artistic production and „identity”.

/SAC is a transdisciplinary interface of artistic and curatorial collaboration which connects disciplines and services with the purpose of organising the artistic discourse and production through the functions of Exhibition, Research and Communication. The aim of /SAC is to create, in collaboration with the artists, curators and theoreticians from the local and international contemporary „art worlds” updated and actualised contexts of dialogue and interaction under the auspices of artistic expression and will.

Program: Joi - Sâmbătă / 14:00 - 19:00 (Luni - Miercuri, cu programare prealabilă)

  • Adresa: Strada General H. M. Berthelot 5, București
  • Telefon: 0730927358
  • Program: J-S: 14:00-19:00