The Office

Large, flexible, green, premium class A offices, Cluj-Napoca's new business hub.

Great companies and their talented employees deserve the best. The Office provides far more than just excellent offices: it is a business city inside the city, in a fresh environment, a space where business objectives are met, providing ground for expansion.

Here, global corporations and local companies will have top quality class A offices in downtown Cluj-napoca, in a certified green building.

Its sophisticated architecture, large and flexible floor space and a wide variety of services and shops (such as day-care for children, banks, cafeteria, restaurants and a pharmacy) are some of the ingredients which will turn The Office into the region's new business hub.

  • Adresa: Str. 21 Decembrie 1989 nr. 77
  • Telefon: 0364110777 / Leasing info: 0256491042
  • Program: L-V: 9:00-22:00